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Introduction   top

SSNZ is a bunch of shell scripts and programs written in c, which main purpose is generating html indexes of photo collection. It takes a location of a directory with photos and a bunch of customizable options and creates a set of files that make viewing and managing your sets of photos easy. It is based on a simple idea of generating html indexes for all directiores included in a given path. You can add description to each photo, so it won't be hard to keep your memories alive. Future releases will also have map support. So you'll be able to associate a place on a given map with particular photo (or a set of them).

Goals   top

Main goals of this project are to create useful enviroment for storing photos. At a current stage of develpment it is nowhere near that goal - but it is steadily progressing towards it.

Requirements   top

Current version of ssnz needs SDL and libpng to compile and work properly.

Current features   top

Becasue of a simple fact that ssnz is still a very young and project, it only has a limited set of features, which are:

If you have any ideas you'd like to see in ssnz, please write about them to me.

TODO   top
Example   top

Here is a link to a generated index. This effect can be achieved with current version of ssnz. Please bear in mind, that currently main development of ssnz is in the area of helper programs. Visual site of this project is not so important for now. On the other hand I'm not a graphic...

Ok, and here is the link.

Tutorial   top

These are the options of It is the main program. Other are used by this script.

Usage: [-c] [-p] [-r] [-m map_file] [-d desc_file] [-o dir] -D dir

  -c  -  convert photos to png -- takes up *lots* of space
  -r  -  recursive work
  -m  -  supply maps config file -- more info in map_file
  -d  -  supply description file with diffrent name than
         the default (photo-desc.xml)
  -D  -  a dir to operate on (necessary option)
  -o  -  output dir -- default is the one passed with -D

It has a couple options, but you don't have to use all of them. The easiest way to generate an index is to run ssnz with only one option -- dir you want to index. -D mop

If there is no description file for those photos only photos will be included in the generated html files. Currently to create a description file you must use a script to generate a template file. mop

The above command will create a file, called photo-desc.xml in directory mop. Edit it with your text editor.

If you don't like jpg file format you can convert all your photos to png. To do so, just add -c option like this: -c -D mop

But be warned that png take much more space than jpg files. It may not be a suitable option for big collection, as they will tend to grow very fast.

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